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Introducing SSAB Weathering 355 ML

SSAB Weathering 355 ML is an environmental friendly choice of steel that delivers superior corrosion resistance.

When fabricating with SSAB Weathering 355 ML you’ll get:

  • Superior weldability and quicker fabrication – no need to preheat when using welding consumables with hydrogen content HD ≤ 5 ml/100 g & heat input Q ≥ 1.0 kJ/mm
  • Excellent toughness in both the base metal and the weld
  • Superior corrosion resistance and minimal maintenance
  • Lower life cycle costs in bridge construction and other structures
  • Improved sustainability – no need to paint or handle hazardous paint debris, longer service life

With its anti-corrosive properties, SSAB Weathering 355 ML minimizes the need for maintenance and corrosion-prevention treatment, contributing significantly to low maintenance costs throughout the product lifecycle.

SSAB Weathering 355 ML hot rolled strip and plate meets or exceeds the requirements in EN 10025-5.


Save time, money and hassle with SSAB prefabricated steel plates that are ready to weld and install

At SSAB, we provide the services you need so that you can save time and money and keep your core business rolling. Reduce project costs and get perfectly finished products, every time.

Order prefabricated plate from SSAB with any of these services:

  • Shot blasting and primer coating
  • Edge beveling
  • Cut-to-shape plasma cutting
  • Roll bending



Build to last, with support when and where you need it

Let SSAB help you realize the full potential of high-strength SSAB Weathering steel in your next project. We’re here to help. Simply contact our Technical Support team today!

Get expert support in these and other areas:

  • Design
  • Corrosion considerations
  • Welding
  • Bridge construction guidelines
  • Project management


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Dimension Range

SSAB Weathering 355 is available in thickness 0.50-60.00 mm and width up to 1860 mm as coil, slit coil and cut to length and 3300 mm as plate. Length up to 16 meters as cut to length and 13 meters as plate.


SSAB Weathering 355

SSAB Weathering 355





T(板厚): 0.5 - 60 mm

W(幅):最大 1600 mm

L(長さ):最大 16000 mm